Leaders In Modern Technology, Craftsman Quality.

For over fourteen years, Dalwax has charted the course in what it means to go the “extra mile” for customers. What started as a small company has flourished into a leading, well-respected, global technology solutions provider. How did that happen? It happened because Dalwax made a conscious decision to focus first and foremost on the Customer instead of driving shareholder value and profits at any cost.

While new technologies emerge, and mission critical needs evolve, one force remains constant in an industry of constant change…the character and integrity of the Dalwax team. Comprised of industry veterans with years of experience as well as new talent trained on the latest technology, the Dalwax team is characterized by passion and personal commitment to relentless customer satisfaction.

Create Meaningful Connections That Help You Manage Your Business Smarter

Product & Service Platform

Integrate people, objects, environments, and data with digital tools that support customers, partners, suppliers, and employees

Latest Applications

Engage all segments of the end-user audience with engaging new experiences

Device, Channel, Point Of Contact

Provide customers with the right experience to meet their specific needs at a specific time and place

Optimization Of The Supply Chain

Invest smart, manage today and change the future

Digital Innovation

We support smarter innovation so that meaningful connections can be made.

Connected Workforce

We create a connected workplace so employees can work smarter.

Cloud Transformation & Data Center

Helps align workloads and applications on the right platform for the future.

Dalwax’s Practice Areas

Digital Transformation

Rethinking how companies connect with their customers.

Workforce Applications

Friction-free tools to maximize employee effectiveness

Real-Time Business

Digital transformation driven by information