Adobe launches the Digital Experience platform with confidence in Azure

Adobe has officially launched an experience platform based on Microsoft Azure’s Australian data center infrastructure.

Both companies in Australia and New Zealand expect to experience much faster and more reliable services and provide users with a much more intense experience with it. Australian businesses benefit from services supported by the experience platform, such as Adobe Experience Manager as a cloud service and the Adobe Customer Data Platform (CDP).

Real-time Customer Data Platform (CDP)

According to Adobe, Microsoft Azure’s on-premises data centers enable companies in Australia and New Zealand to keep critical customer information ashore.

Suzanne Steele, Managing Director of Adobe Australia and New Zealand, said: “Since the launch of Adobe Experience Cloud almost three years ago, local banks, telecommunications companies, airlines, most other major brands have used Adobe as a Gold standard. Marketing Technology”

“We expect it to continue to be the case in the future, and we are investing in both local support and technological innovation.”

Adobe praises the new data center as “simplifying data governance” and merging data from isolated applications and departments to derive useful results. However, we apply data usage policies to give customers access to a framework that helps them use their data properly to meet the obligations, obligations, and limitations associated with different datasets.

Adobe Findearly Adopters for Cloud Experience Platforms
Adobe said the Tabcorp platform is an early deployment of local data centers that use the Adobe Experience platform to increase the impact and efficiency of customer communication.

The Australia-based Microsoft Azure data center must provide services that are essential to preparing the service. Brands can also manage important information about their customers, such as personally identifiable information. For many organizations, this is a very necessary function with specific data protection and data sovereignty compliance.

Suzanne Steele’s chief executive in Adobe Australia and New Zealand says investing in Adobe data centers is just one part of a major investment in the region.

“This end-to-end integration enables brands to integrate data governance and customer experience, making them the industry’s first product. The open architecture of the Adobe Experience Platform also makes it easy for IT teams to add their own data governance to meet all compliance requirements.

Adobe supports local talent

We also invest heavily in local teams and offices. The third double-digit increase in personnel was achieved in the year-on-year changeover.

Adobe has doubled the number of seats available at its Sydney offices, combined with a shift to a more agile workplace. Adobe plans to move its Melbourne office to a new, much larger space by the end of the year.

“Business in Australia and New Zealand is an innovative and progressive mindset.” They understand that to achieve more business value, they need to deliver a personalized experience on a large scale and are willing to invest to achieve this.”

“Since the launch of Adobe Experience Cloud nearly three years ago, most of our major brands have adopted Adobe as the gold standard for marketing technology. We expect it to continue to do so in the future, and we are investing in both local support and technological innovation.”