Dalwax's Capabilities

Azure Modern Application Development
Our experts help you define the right architecture (hierarchical, microservices, event, etc.) based on scalability, elasticity, maintainability, operability, etc. Help in selecting batteries and tool chains. Run UX-design-development-testing-release. We provide ongoing development and operation services.

Modernize Azure applications
Azure application modernization is the best approach for organizations that maximize the value and competitive advantage of critical applications. We are specialists in the re-engineering of monolithic three-tier applications in microservice-based architectures that can take full advantage of cloud technology.

Migrate Azure applications
Azure application migration experts can “lift and move” application workloads to Azure IaaS (rehost) with minimal code changes. These services are delivered by leveraging a collection of out-of-the-box plans, architectural best practices and delivery processes for fast, risk-free success.

Azure DevOps
Azure DevOps services help organizations create, deploy, and manage software using the latest software delivery practices. As an integrated service, Azure DevOps combines continuous and ongoing software development expertise and expertise with managed services for platform and infrastructure operations.

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Develop the latest cloud-specific applications | Modernize existing applications with Azure

Asset-intensive, field-based companies are embracing innovation to accelerate growth. Initiatives such as real-time asset monitoring, asset data analysis and asset maintenance are priorities. These new areas of intervention also require robust, enterprise-class enterprise solutions with high scalability, security, availability, and performance capabilities.

An Azure developer team helps these industry leaders simplify the development and deployment of customized enterprise solutions. Expertise supporting more than 100 Azure services, programming models, data services, DevOps tools, application services and open source technologies.

  • Microsoft Cloud Platform Partner
  • 200+ Clients in the Software and Digital Practice
  • DevOps driven Development Experts
  • Deep Expertise in Containers & Microservices
  • Develop on .NET, Java, Angular, Python, and more

Powerful and Scalable

The latest powerful and scalable business application using the Azure PaaS service.Develop enterprise-class software, Web, mobile, and IoT applications using Azure application development technologies such as Azure Features, Azure Service Fabric, Azure Service App, Azure Container Instances, DevOps, and Azure Logic Apps. We focus on developing high-performance, scalable, secure and easy-to-maintain software.

Integrate with customers the latest software development practices and processes, including container development, server-less computing, PaaS services, code-reduced platforms, and DevOps.

How industry leaders have transformed their business

Development of web applications and portals
Do you want to focus on innovation and accelerating business growth? You may need a highly available, scalable, and secure custom Web application to support IoT, analytics, and mobility initiatives. Get the most out of your business while dealing with enterprise applications with Microsoft Azure. The Azure developer team also uses Azure’s operating system, tools, and open source languages ​​to create these important web portals and applications.

Modernize legacy applications
Do you run a legacy application? You may need to upgrade your application with a native application to the cloud. It is easy to use resources, offers a robust client experience and is compatible with modern backend databases (SQL, noSQL, cloud-based). Existing software and solutions are difficult to integrate with the latest technology applications. Azure development teams can also help these organizations upgrade their legacy applications quickly and securely.

Re-engineering application
Do integrated enterprise applications have the ability to adapt to demand and deliver high performance? Redefine these applications to take advantage of the benefits of the cloud and deploy a pay-per-view model for your infrastructure needs. Azure developers can quickly rearrange these enterprise applications and securely integrate them into their existing business environment. This maximizes the productivity of the company and accelerates the company’s results.