Azure Committed To Protecting Your Privacy & Securing Your Data

Microsoft is committed to protecting your privacy and securing your data, while delivering software and services that help you manage the IT infrastructure of your organization. We recognize that when you entrust your data to others, that trust requires rigorous security.

The OMS service manages your cloud-based data securely by using the following methods:

Data Segregation

Customer data is kept logically separate on each component throughout the OMS service. All data is tagged per organization. This tagging persists throughout the data lifecycle, and it is enforced at each layer of the service. Each customer has a dedicated Azure blob that houses the long-term data.

Data Retention

Aggregated metrics for some of the solutions such as Capacity Management are stored in a SQL Database hosted by Microsoft Azure. This data is stored for 390 days. Indexed log search data is stored and retained according to the pricing plan.

Physical Security

The OMS service is manned by Microsoft personnel, and all activities are logged and can be audited. The OMS service runs completely in Azure and complies with the Azure common engineering criteria.

Compliance And Certifications

The OMS software development and service team is actively working with the Microsoft Legal and Compliance teams and other industry partners to acquire a variety of certifications.