Azure Managing Security, Compliance And Data Privacy

Every business has different needs and every business will reap distinct benefits from cloud solutions. Still, customers of all kinds have the same basic concerns about moving to the cloud. They want to retain control of their data, and they want that data to be kept secure and private, all while maintaining transparency and compliance.

Azure Managing Security, Compliance And Data Privacy

Azure Security

Azure Security Center is an integrated infrastructure security management system that improves the security posture of the data center, providing advanced protection against threats to hybrid workloads (Azure or not) and on-premise cloud.

Azure Compliance

Streamline compliance with Microsoft Azure, the industry’s leading cloud platform with more than 90 compliance products

Azure security and compliance is important for businesses of all sizes that rely on cloud computing to handle business processes and customer data. The biggest challenge is to enable Azure to support network security requirements and to comply with Azure privacy and data protection policies and industry best practices.

Azure Data Privacy

I feel a secure build solution that automates data privacy, builds customer trust, and analyzes sensitive data in Microsoft Azure. It is a cloud platform that meets some of the strictest privacy standards in the world.







Cloud Security is a Shared Responsibility

Azure provides a secure cloud infrastructure. However, you must protect what you put in the cloud. This is where Deep Security comes in.

Enhance your Azure deployment with a complete set of automated security features for Microsoft Azure workloads and containers so you’re well protected but not overloaded.

With Deep Security You Can:

  •  Protect against network threats with intrusion detection and prevention (IDS / IPS), machine learning, integrity monitoring, and more.
  • Protect yourself against known vulnerabilities such as Shellshock and Heartbleed, container threats and unknown risks.
  •  Keep malware away from Windows and Linux workloads.
  •  Know when unexpected or suspicious changes have been made to the system.
  •  Continuous protection with Deep Security IPS to maintain end-of-support security for Windows Server 2003 and 2008.
  •  Simplify PCI-DSS compliance by using multiple controls in a single product

Secure Our Data

While acknowledging that the cloud can provide increased data security and administrative control, IT leaders are still concerned that migrating to the cloud will leave them more vulnerable to hackers than their current in-house solutions.

Keep Our Data Private

Cloud services raise unique privacy challenges for businesses. As companies look to the cloud to save on infrastructure costs and improve their flexibility, they also worry about losing control of where their data is stored, who is accessing it, and how it gets used.

Give Us Control

 Even as they take advantage of the cloud to deploy more innovative solutions, companies are very concerned about losing control of their data. The recent disclosures of government agencies accessing customer data, through both legal and extra-legal means, make some CIOs wary of storing their data in the cloud.

Promote Transparency

While security, privacy, and control are important to business decision-makers, they also want the ability to independently verify how their data is being stored, accessed, and secured.

Maintain Compliance

 As companies expand their use of cloud technologies, the complexity and scope of standards and regulations continue to evolve. Companies need to know that their compliance standards will be met, and that compliance will evolve as regulations change over time.