Azure vs On Premise Reliability

Microsoft has leveraged its constantly-expanding worldwide network of data centers to create Azure, a cloud platform for building, deploying, and managing services and applications, anywhere. Azure lets you add cloud capabilities to your existing network through its platform as a service (PaaS) model, or entrust Microsoft with all of your computing and network needs with Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS). Either option provides secure, reliable access to your cloud hosted data—one built on Microsoft’s proven architecture. Azure provides an ever expanding array of products and services designed to meet all your needs through one convenient, easy to manage platform. Below are just some of the capabilities Microsoft offers through Azure and tips for determining if the Microsoft cloud is the right choice for your organization.


Here are few reasons you should choose a cloud and move to Azure:

Much Faster Than On-premise Solutions

On-premise solutions require new hardware, software updates, and a team to implement them to scale operations and optimize workloads. Of course, this also assumes that the cooling capacity, the power supply and the physical storage space are sufficient.

In Azure, you can use services like Azure AutoScale to dynamically adapt your application to changing demand. This allows you to go up and down automatically based on the metrics. For example, if traffic is expected to increase in a week, you can add 10 times more virtual machines to handle the load.

Increase Productivity & Agility With Azure VM

One of the most powerful features of Azure is the Azure VM. By defining the operating system, language, and workload, you can create your own custom virtual machine in seconds. This is not possible on-premise because several operating systems require multiple machines.

This allows companies to experiment more. You can get tests, development, and feedback faster by working on different virtual machines. This increases flexibility by allowing teams to do more on their machines. The ability to switch between Linux and Windows with a different set of tools and applications on the same computer is a powerful feature for employees.

Azure Is Low Cost Than On-premises Solutions

This is one of the biggest business concerns and the ultimate question. Is investing in cloud solutions financially significant for your business?
In most cases, this also has a sufficient margin. With Azure, you do not need to invest in new machines, new infrastructure, or replace old servers. Nor is it necessary to reserve space for infrastructure and servers.
Azure offers flexible expenses. It means the following:

  • Pay as needed.
  • You pay more to have more.
  • Save energy, space and cooling costs.

Azure Is More Secure Than On-Premises Solutions

Security is the main reason they want to stay there. Some people think that locally hosted data provides better data security than cloud storage.
But it’s a myth. Services such as Azure Active Directory are another benefit for which Azure is superior to on-premise storage solutions.

Active Directory is a cloud-based, multi-tenant, directory and identity management service. IT managers can give employees single access (SSO) to multiple cloud-based SaaS applications, such as SharePoint and Office 365.

We offer a complete suite of identity management services, including

  • Inscription of the device.
  • Multi factor authentication.
  • Role-based access control.
  • Self-service group management.
  • Monitor the use of the application.

These services ensure the security and accessibility of your business to only the users concerned by the most important information.

In addition Azure not only provides easy access to data, security and cloud storage, it also gives your business more features. Provides a complete delivery pipeline to organizations such as:

  • Control of sources
  • Unit test
  • Integration test