Benefits Of Azure Automation Account

Azure Automation is a cloud-based automation platform that provides highly scalable automation services, but is cost effective due to low initial and operational costs. With Azure Automation, you can automate tasks that normally waste time and occupy IT and service desk staff.

Azure Automation is compatible with multiple providers, cloud platforms and local systems. It is built on PowerShell and offers a very wide range of integration possibilities. The platform further reduces the burden on IT staff through the availability of a graphical interface that minimizes the need for specific scripting skills.

Azure Automation runs as a cloud service, but it can be configured to interact with and automate local infrastructure using a component called a hybrid worker. The hybrid runbook job functionality in Azure Automation allows you to run runbooks directly on the computer hosting the role. These runbooks interact with local environmental resources and other tools that manage local resources. Runbooks are stored and managed in Azure Automation and delivered to one or more designated hybrid work computers.

Process Automation

Automate often time-consuming and error-prone tasks to increase efficiency and reduce operating costs. Let’s focus on increasing business value by implementing automation that runs on a predefined schedule.

Control the process with an easy-to-use graphical interface or choose PowerShell and Python Runbook. Runbook hybrid work machines offer consistent management by orchestration throughout the local environment.

Configuration Management

PowerShell’s desired state configuration provides rich reporting functionality to notify owners of important events such as configuration variances. You can collect inventory, track changes and configure the desired status.

DSC helps you understand infrastructure changes, lets you diagnose unwanted changes, and lets you monitor the configuration of physical and virtual machines as a whole.

Sharing Function

Secure global stores create variables that can be changed without changing the configuration or the runbook that references them. The same can be achieved by making the credentials, certificates, and connections available at run time.

Role-Based Access Control

Role-based access control facilitates environment automation by controlling access to accounts without authorization to create.

Updates Management

Azure Automation makes it easy to automate patch compliance and update planning, as well as Windows and Linux system updates in hybrid environments. You can create planned deployments and coordinate update installations in defined maintenance windows. If you do not want to install the update on your computer, you can exclude it from the deployment.

Benefits of Cloud Automation


Use Azure to create and deploy virtual machines in hybrid environments via runbooks and Azure Resource Manager models.


Integrate virtual machines or resources with development tools such as Jenkins and Visual Studio Team services.


Configure Windows and Linux virtual machines with the infrastructure and application requirements.


Identify and correct or intensify modifications to the machine which may cause problems.


Automates the VM quarantine process when a security alert occurs (as determined by the configured policy).