Benefits of Azure

What is Azure?

Microsoft Azure is a public cloud platform that lets you build, deploy, scale, and manage servers, services, and applications on a global network of data centers. Reduce CAPEX and OPEX, engage in low risk development. Azure provides ultimate Solutions for all business, such as infrastructure as a service (IaaS), platform as a service (PaaS), software as a service (SaaS) that can be used for services such as analytics, virtual computing, storage and networking.


Business Benefits of Microsoft Azure

The benefits offered by the Azure are unique and business-centered. To mention a few, they are:

Benefit #1:Host, Develop Web and Mobile Apps

Microsoft Azure provide platform to host, develop, manage web and mobile applications, Azure automate your applications and adaptive with patch management, auto Scale and on-premises application integration. You do not need to spend much time to managing your infrastructure and improving your applications.

Benefit #2:Availability Zone

Azure has integrated high availability. Availability Zones are separate data center units within Microsoft Azure. Building a highly available data center requires redundant network links, redundant power supplies, and redundant hardware. Then you have to start all over in another place to make sure the data center itself is redundant. There are currently 54 Azure regions in 140 countries, Each Azure region has a minimum of three availability zones, allowing you to run two isolated copies of your applications.




Benefit #3:App Management

Azure app management services, is biggest relief of organizations, they can create, deploy and manage applications quickly and easily. Organizations can customize cloud software to launch websites, build web applications, and maintain infrastructure. Azure Managed Applications enables managed service providers (MSPs), independent software vendors, and enterprise IT teams to deliver turnkey solutions. Managing applications in Azure Active Directory, using automatic provisioning, and publishing on-premises apps with Application Proxy.

Benefit #4:Measurable and Flexible

Azure offers a great deal of flexibility and gives you the ability to provide functionality to your needs.Microsoft Azure flexibility rapidly evolving technology sector requires hosting solutions that can evolve quickly as needs evolve. Azure provides application building and services that can be easily adapted and customize the Azure cloud as needed. You do not have to worry about your infrastructure all the time. Applications can easily run in an Azure environment that can add or create millions of users without additional coding. It is also an efficient and effective storage system.

Benefit #5:Compliance

Microsoft Azure compliance all business activities and data, particularly useful for the legal and financial sectors. Each organization has a contract between the client and the organization, and has other contracts signed between employees to prevent leakage of sensitive data. Compliance is necessary requirement for all businesses but compulsory in the financial organization, the banking sector, health industry, and insurance companies. Microsoft is working hard to protect data in the cloud. Azure is built around the privacy and security requirements of business needs. Microsoft offers the most comprehensive compliance product compared to other cloud service providers.

Benefit #6:Storage

Storage options are one of the best computing services offered by Microsoft Azure to support both the development of legacy applications using Azure SQL and the development of modern applications using storage of Azure No-SQL table. This facilitates faster content delivery, an optimal user experience and easier data storage, allowing data to be shared between virtual machines quickly and reliably as needed. Azure Storage provides a highly scalable object store for data objects, a file system service for the cloud, an email store for reliable email, and a NoSQL store. In other words Azure storage durability and high availability in the event of temporary hardware failure is on top among all cloud service providers.

Benefit #7:Security

To secure your data center Microsoft Azure recommended multi factor authentication, proxy card readers, portable biometric readers and a global incident. This multi-layered protection is essential as security, threats of attacks on the organization’s data continue and increase every day around the world, endangering business data targeting end users. Azure provides simple, easy-to-use services for enhanced protection, including multi-factor authentication and application password requirements. Microsoft Azure focuses on security based on the standard security model of detection, assessment, diagnosis, stabilization, and shutdown. This model, combined with powerful cybersecurity controls. In addition to protecting the platform, end users are also covered by Azure.

Benefit #8:Hybrid Capability

Azure introduce Hybrid economical program for Microsoft Azure users that can get more value from Windows Server licenses by saving cost as compare to normal cost of running virtual machines. This allows you to leverage local and cloud resources without costly workarounds. With Azure, you can also create hybrid apps. Azure Hybrid Benefit is pricing that helps you maximize the value of your existing Windows Server or SQL Server license investment on site during your transition to Azure.

Benefit #9:Enhance and Implement Backup and Disaster Recovery

Azure disaster recovery and backup features such as regional and global failover options. Continuous operation, hot and cold sleep modes are strongholds against disasters. The world is a delicate place and the best plans and procedures don’t always work. Unexpected floods, network disruptions, fires or more can all destroy your data center and all of the data on it. User errors and faults that corrupt data without external errors are less common but more common. Azure disaster recovery and backup services operational in a limited time, processes and servers functioning normally. The server should be restored as soon as possible to avoid significant losses in the production environment. Azure has built-in disaster recovery options. Either way, if something happens, your data is secure and ready. Azure covers all areas with global fail-over and unique options that work with regional, standby, hot models, and the ability to restart quickly.


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