We provide the fastest and most cost-effective way to migrate!

By moving applications to the cloud

Dalwax Provides the fastest and most cost-effective way to transfer workloads to the cloud. Whether you choose Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services or Google Cloud Platform  our team of experts can help you succeed.

Reduce maintenance costs

Maintaining a classic business application is like maintaining an old devastated vehicle. Repairs and costs increase dramatically with age. In particular, given the costs of downtime and employee productivity, the maintenance of obsolete equipment that has deteriorated over time may be more expensive than replacement.

Increase security

Most manufacturers do not support old hardware. As a result, business applications can be hacked, lost data, stolen, and damaged.

Transferring enterprise applications to the cloud improves stability and reliability, and protects data with the latest security features and patches.

Improve business operations and efficiency

The application does not work with silos. An older system slows the workflow on the corporate network, affects other applications, and reduces productivity.

By moving business applications to the cloud, they can be integrated with other tools and software to streamline operations and increase efficiency.

Migrate business applications to the cloud

Does it take time to load CRM sales? Do you have trouble getting your data where you need it, when you need it? Are obsolete programs slowing down employees and hindering IT resources?

Dealing with obsolete and obsolete applications and tools is frustrating. However, moving business applications to the cloud can be stressful and expensive.

It is not obligated.

Do not let an obsolete system hold back your organization. Dalwax can quickly and easily migrate business applications from costly hardware to cost-effective cloud.

Dalwax helps you quickly and efficiently transfer your workloads to the cloud

Step 1: Assess the current IT environment

First, we will work together to analyze the existing IT infrastructure. We go beyond business applications to see how they are integrated and used within the organization and identify the best solutions to drive the business.

Step 2: Design an Application Migration Plan

Helps you design the best approach for your business, including reuse, rewrite, replace, and upgrade applications in the cloud.

Step 3: Run a test

Migrate some of the data to make everything work the way you want.

Step 3: Migrate the application

It’s time to move your app to the cloud! Migrate business applications from local servers to the cloud.

Step 4: Optimization and Management

Helps optimize and manage applications in the cloud, including security patches, capacity planning, backup, permanent IT support, and maintenance.

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