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We help organizations  plan, design, build, and integrate the cloud. You can plan the migration process based on the actual use of resources and consumption. Taking a holistic approach creates an agile, scalable and cost-effective infrastructure that improves business results.

Migrate on premises to cloud , the hardest part is deciding where to start. If you are already considering a migration, this procedure is relatively simple. However, if you do not have a uniform set of measures to evaluate your application and your infrastructure is distributed across multiple data centers or teams, identify the best set of applications for the first wave of migration.

The process of migrating existing applications to Azure is complex and often involves stakeholders from all parts of the organization. Therefore, to recognize that cloud migration is not just an IT project, it affects many different groups and often requires close collaboration between finance, compliance, products, systems and other teams. It is important to spend time on it.

If you are preparing to migrate, first understand the standard Azure migration process.

Migration Preparation and Business Planning

The first step of the migration project is to bring together key stakeholders to discuss and finalize the goals of the cloud migration.

Experts advise charting a plan (or, rather, setting a go-to-cloud target) around three distinct options: (1) “lift and shift”; (2) application evolution; and (3) application rearchitecting.


lift and shif
“Lift and Shift” is a cloud migration strategy that allows you to replicate an on-premise environment in a public cloud as closely as possible. Examples include designing the same network environment. Download virtual machine images from each server. Enables connection to different virtual machines in the same way as the physical environment.

Application Evolution
You may not need to completely rethink your application to comply with Azure. If you are lucky, an application requires only a linear upgrade of many items (from Microsoft SQL to Azure SQL, Office 365 Identity Management to Azure Active Directory, etc.). Find areas that require minor configuration changes to save time and energy (at the same time, free up your budget …).

Application Rearchitecting.
Designing apps as “Cloud First” is no longer a challenge. If your application needs to be re-created with the corresponding features, such as Azure, Azure Container Service, and Azure App Services (create, deploy, and scale Web, mobile, and enterprise-class APIs for any platform quickly). Method)) Simplify the design of the integrated cloud application architecture.