Why Cloud Security

Cloud-Based Security

Protect the Server

In traditional networks, there was no way to provide complete server protection. The server had to protect itself against the threats. Use cloud web security. Traffic is routed to the cloud instead of being routed directly to the server. The cloud analyzes the traffic and makes it accessible only to legitimate users. Traffic that the cloud does not approve prevents the cloud from reaching the server.

Data Inspection & Filtering

Traditional systems have applications that filter the data before it reaches the server. Applications are expensive and difficult to maintain. After reaching the network, filter the traffic. Your machine may be submerged and stopped to block traffic, whether good or bad, and not perform its function.

In the Cloud Web Security Service, traffic is first redirected to the security cloud where it is filtered before reaching the application system.


Cloud-based security solutions provide a private cloud option that isolates unwanted access to traffic for client applications. This option protects against shared resource problems.

Data Management And Encryption

Encryption methods use complex algorithms to mask and protect data. Cloud security manages the identities of data and restricts access to unrecognized applications that can decrypt encrypted files.

Monitoring & Compliance

With cloud security, monitoring and   compliance rules are defined to ensure the security of the database. To maintain a high level of confidentiality and protection.

Why is Cloud Security Important

Centralized security

Cloud security centralizes protection. A cloud-based enterprise network consists of many devices and endpoints. Centralized management of these entities improves traffic analysis and filtering, streamlines network event monitoring, and reduces software and policy updates. Disaster recovery plans can be easily implemented and implemented if they are managed in one place.

Cost Savings

One of the benefits of using cloud storage and security is that you do not have to invest in dedicated hardware. This not only reduces the capital investment, but also the management overheads. Cloud security offers proactive security features, while IT teams used to react to security issues.

Reduced Management

Choosing a reputable cloud service provider or cloud security platform can bid you goodbye to manual security configuration and nearly constant security updates. These tasks may require a lot of resources, but when you move them to the cloud, all security management is done in one place and is fully managed for you.


Cloud computing services provide ultimate reliability. Appropriate cloud security measures allow users to securely access cloud data and applications wherever they are and the devices they use.

Right Cloud Security Solution

Cloud security includes a wide range of policies and strategies designed to control the protection of data applications and cloud system applications. Cloud services allow users to get information in real time and create a platform for a business owner to interact off premises.

Dalwax provides complete cloud security solution that protects cloud apps and data, prevents compromised accounts and allows you to set security policies on a per-device basis. The result is a cloud infrastructure that is fully protected from known and emerging threats and which allows your organization to leverage the best that cloud computing has to offer.

Deploy Azure fully and reliably cover security and compliance risks.