Azure Security Monitoring and Compliance Management

Azure Security Monitoring

Azure provides a reliable cloud infrastructure that customers can design, build, and build.Manage your own applications and cloud infrastructure. Azure provides security Infrastructure and virtualization layer control. However, the organization responsible for deploying and maintaining guest operating system security Malware attacks, “zero-day” vulnerabilities and Data breach.

Dalwax is a leader in physical, virtual, cloud and container security.Help organizations like you to securely realize the potential of cloud computing.Trend Micro is renowned for its constant innovation and highly optimized delivery security solutions for the current IT ecosystem. I understand why I need it approach cloud security differently than traditional perimeter security approaches Or lead the solution towards the agility of the company and protect the most valuable possessions.

Automate Compliance Management Procedures

  • End the manual tracking of due dates, status, and priority levels of individual processes, and allow the system to initiate compliance activities based on a defined frequency.
  • Set reminders and notifications to notify task owners of important requirements such as approvals, documents, and evidence downloads.
  • Rather than reviewing regulations and worrying about deadlines, recover the time you can spend promoting the goals of your organization.


Azure Technology Partner

With Dalwax, companies can identify security risks and compliance violations, establish and adjust baselines of drift detection.Cloud security Use Basic Drift Detection to Handle Configuration Errors and Security Risks,View compliance and automate audit reports,DevSecOps Cloud security “Shift left” by integrating with the CI / CD pipeline.