Our Vulnerability Assessment Services

Our vulnerability assessment services cost-effectively detect technical vulnerabilities, one of the most important risk areas. Frequent scans help identify vulnerabilities and misconfigurations of the operating system / unpatched third parties and allow hackers to enter and own the network. Dalwax provides more than just raw scan data where others suffer. Our practitioners help organizations analyze vulnerabilities and recommend the best course of action to address them. Our analyzes are offered at a competitive price so organizations of all sizes can begin to implement effective vulnerability management programs.

Process: Step By Step Vulnerability Assessment


First, you need to determine the systems and networks to be evaluated (including mobile and cloud systems.


Actively analyze your system or network with manual or automated tools, identify threats and vulnerabilities using the threat and vulnerability databases, and eliminate false positives.


A more detailed analysis is then performed to provide a clear idea of the cause of the vulnerability, its potential impact and the recommended repair method.


Vulnerability assessments attempt to address critical vulnerabilities, from complex product updates, from the installation of new security tools to improved security procedures.


Vulnerability assessments should be conducted at least once a quarter (ideally once a month or once a week) according to a regular schedule. A unique assessment is just a snapshot of the moment.

Security Vulnerability Assessment Software

The vulnerability assessment software does not always provide the security of the business. We promise to find flaws in your application so you can fix it before it hurts your business. However, as applications become more complex and threats evolve continuously, vulnerability assessment software is no longer the ideal application security solution. Purchase, installation and learning are expensive. To deal with new threats, you must be constantly updated. And if it is not very accurate, developers spend more time tracking deadlocks and false positives than developing software. In addition, if a vulnerability assessment application is not well integrated with the lifecycle of a secure application development and procurement process, the productivity and competitiveness of the enterprise is compromised. That’s why many companies around the world are using Dalwax because they are looking for a better alternative to vulnerability assessment tools.