We leverage Microsoft Azure native governance tools that provide a comprehensive visibility into your azure usage, risk and spend for controlling budgets, forecasting consumption, managing chargeback, rightsizing resources and automation optimization.

 Proactive Spend Management

Proactive Spend Management

Consolidate billing, monitor and optimize spend, and eliminate surprises with integrated visibility, budget and cost control

Usage metering for geography, departments, projects, units etc., for accurate analysis, showback/chargeback, and accountability

Monitor resource utilization levels; manage allocation or quotas; and accurately plan, forecast or predict, and control azure usage

Data-driven recommendations for rightsizing & optimization to eliminate waste, reduce costs and enhance performance

Provide self-service capabilities for effortless governance and management of azure cost, usage, access rights and compliance

Leverage contextual automation for governance use-cases like provisioning, auto-scaling, rightsizing or policy based shutdowns

Powerful dashboards, reports and actionable insights along with automated alerts for critical events, budget or threshold breaches

Direct integration with Microsoft Azure APIs for enhanced, scenario-tailored governance and automated optimization