Dalwax can develop new intelligent business apps as well as enable existing applications with AI & Machine learning capabilities to help enterprises achieve specific business objectives.

Intelligent Transaction & Process Automation

Intelligent Transaction & Process Automation

Create intelligent agents and software robots such as robotic process automation (RPA) tools to discover patterns, process large chunks of data, and learn from past events to recommend best practices, forecast risks, automate routine tasks, and make decisions on routing, next steps etc.

Leverage natural language processing platforms such as Cortana process speech-to-text and text-to-speech interactions between machines and humans to drive voice based assistants built into smart phones, vehicles, shopping sites and online portals.

Develop custom built microservices or apps with AI & machine learning capabilities that can be integrated via API’s within existing business applications, to automatically respond to event triggers or user requests. These could be for IT service management, enterprise applications, workplace productivity, industry specific applications etc.

Implement user facing chatbots for specific business requirements in sales, call center, technical support, recruitment and customer assistance, leveraging bot based conversations platforms that can include single chatbot interactions or a group of chatbots working at the backend to handle different user queries and requests.

Develop algorithms that learn and adapt, and are built on data mining and pattern recognition platforms that process large amounts of data to produce insights, provide personalization, predict events and make recommendations for fraud detection, predictive maintenance, credit risk, sentiment analysis etc.

Develop embedded software within consumer, industrial and mechanical products, augmented with AI technologies for continuous performance improvement and experience personalization for home appliances, buildings, elevators, factory robots, drones, thermostats, and more.