For startups, it makes sense to start a business in the cloud. The time to spend a lot of money on an over-designed IT infrastructure is over. Start small with the cloud and adapt quickly, easily and cheaply as needed.

Whether you’re a high-tech startup or a craft beer vendor, explain clearly what a cloud service is, assess what your business can offer, and clearly explain the process. We do not talk about technical terms (unless you wish). If you need a phone, always answer or have a coffee.

  • Pay only what you use and limit costs
  • Easily find scalable solutions and evolve with your business
  • Reduce the time required to worry about data and increase the time required to start a business

Profitability and scalability

Provides flexible and cost-effective cloud solutions to startups. This means you can reduce waste while managing your budget and maintaining the flexibility to grow quickly when you need it. Unlike traditional IT solutions, you only pay for what you use, and it’s easy and inexpensive if you need to upgrade.

Enhanced security and risk reduction

Cybersecurity remains an important issue for all organizations and we recognize that your data is the most valuable business asset. As a result, all cloud solutions have built-in security and privacy. Partner with Microsoft to provide customers with a world-class cloud infrastructure, guaranteed service level agreements, 24/7 monitoring and alerts. And because cloud computing exists in many secure and resilient data centers, unlike traditional “on premise” computing, data is less exposed.

Our solutions encrypt data in transit and at rest according to standard protocols. It uses the latest storage and backup technologies in the cloud to ensure high availability and redundancy.

How can I recover my data?

Protect your data by backing up in the cloud, on premise, or in the cloud. Microsoft Azure Backup Service being used, a 99.9% uptime can be guaranteed. You can replicate backup stores geographically to maximize the availability of disaster recovery.

Where are the data hosted?

You can host the data where you need it. Microsoft Azure is used in dozens of data centers around the world and is constantly being added. If you need to store your data in the UK, you can do it.

Our cloud solutions are:

  • Variable, measurable, scalable: High availability means increased availability and availability, reducing the risk of outages
  • Redundancy: Redundancy – Easily retrieve data with secure storage across multiple data centers and regions, reducing the risk of data loss
  • High availability: Scalable-Scale quickly to reduce costs and the risk of overspending, but safely because you can always respond to customer requests
  • Secure: Data is encrypted during storage and transmission, reducing the risk of spying and unauthorized access.