Microsoft has created Azure, a cloud platform for creating, deploying and managing services and applications, from anywhere, by leveraging the global network of growing data centers. With Azure, you can add cloud functionality to an existing network through the PaaS model (platform as a service) or leave all IT and network needs to Microsoft with infrastructure as a service (IaaS). I can. Both options provide secure and reliable access to data hosted in the cloud. It is based on the proven architecture of Microsoft. Azure continues to develop its products and services designed to meet all your needs through a convenient and manageable platform. Below are some of the features that Microsoft offers through Azure and tips on whether the Microsoft cloud is the right choice for your organization.

Dalwax provides an array of Microsoft services spanning the modern workplace, Azure Cloud, apps and infrastructure, and data and AI solution areas.

The Microsoft Cloud Platform approach enables IT to realize the full benefits of scale, speed, and agility, while protecting existing investments. This means IT can quickly build and deploy applications, flexibly manage IT services, and support real-time scanning for all forms of data.


Microsoft Azure Cloud Services and Benefits

Microsoft continues to expand the Azure directory of services and adds new ones. All the elements necessary to create a virtual network and to provide services or applications to a global audience are available.

Virtual Machine
Create Microsoft or Linux virtual machines in minutes from a wide range of market models or your own custom computer images. These cloud-based virtual machines host applications and services as if they were in your data center.

SQL Database
Azure offers one to an unlimited number of managed relational SQL databases as a service. This eliminates software overhead and software, as well as internal expertise.

Azure Active Directory Domain Service

Built on the same proven technology as Windows Active Directory, this Azure service allows you to remotely manage group policies, authentication, and more. This allows you to move your existing security structure partially or completely to the cloud in a few clicks.

Application Services
Using Azure makes it easier than ever to build compatible applications and deploy them worldwide to all popular web and laptop platforms. Reliable and scalable cloud access allows you to react quickly to changes in your business and save time and money.

Visual Studio Team Service

Visual Studio Team Service, an add-on service available in Azure, provides a complete Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) solution in the Microsoft cloud. Developers can collaborate on Azure worldwide to share and track code changes, perform load tests, and deliver applications to production environments.


Take advantage of Microsoft’s global infrastructure to provide secure and accessible data storage. With massive scalability and an intelligent pricing structure that can back up many of the infrequently accessed data, Microsoft Azure makes it easy to create a secure and cost-effective storage plan.

With Microsoft Azure, you can launch new services and geometrically extend data storage capabilities on the fly. Compare this with a static data center. Static data centers require the purchase, provisioning, and deployment of new hardware and operating systems before having more power to deal with IT challenges. This flexibility makes Azure an attractive solution for organizations of all sizes.

• Cost
Azure solutions not only allow you to add and grow infrastructure faster and easier, but also at a lower cost. Physical services and infrastructure equipment such as routers and load balancers can quickly reach thousands or even hundreds of thousands of dollars.

• Application

Microsoft is developing and testing critical applications with pay-per-view services that provide frequently accessed, “cold” data, including Visual Studio Team Services, Visual Studio Application Insights, and Azure Scalable On-Demand Storage. Make it easy. Instantly move test mode applications to production mode on a distributed global network. Microsoft also offers significant license reductions for migrating existing applications to Azure.

• Disaster Recovery

Sometimes unthinkable things can become a very urgent reality. Another advantage of Microsoft Azure is a fast, geographically distributed infrastructure that creates countless options for disaster recovery planning. Ensure that critical applications and data can be run from the redundant site for a recovery period of minutes or hours instead of days.