How To Azure Backing Up And Restoring Data


The key to running a business is to protect your data. Many companies are losing important data due to the lack of data backup solutions.

With Azure backup solutions, you can protect your data and applications, avoid costly business interruptions, and meet compliance requirements. With Azure, you can safely extend on-premises backup and data archiving solutions to the cloud for efficiency and scalability while reducing costs and complexity.

Azure backup can be used to back up local data in the cloud. The data is stored in encrypted mode. The following section provides a detailed description of how to proceed with Azure. In this process, you first create a backup vault that stores your data,and  then see how data can be backed up from our on-premise computer. The Backup Agent installed on the computer first encrypts the data and then sends it over the network to the Azure storage. The data is totally secure.

Backing up and restoring data are key for any production and most nonproduction workloads. The relevant scenarios are:

  • Backup and restore a virtual machine
  • Backup and restore files and folders
  • Backup and restore application data


Instead of investing in a new or extending an on-premises backup solution, which needs to be engineered, operated, and maintained, customers can take advantage of Azure Backup, a cloud scale backup infrastructure that is easy to use and managed by Microsoft.

Some Of The Key Benefits Of A Cloud-Based Backup Are

  • No capital expenditure is needed for on-premises storage devices
  • Pay-as-you-use consumption model
  • Unlimited scaling
  • Multiple storage options
  • Data encryption
  • Application consistent backup
  • Long-term retention

The Microsoft Azure Backup service helps customers meet growing requirements and avoid costly downtime. Azure Backup is simple and profitable
A backup solution as a service that extends proven, reliable tools on-premises with rich, powerful tools in the cloud. Protect customer data regardless of the location of customer data.
Your own data center, colocation facility, remote office / branch or public cloud. Sensitive to the unique requirements induced by these scenarios. In addition, it works with data protection
Manager. Protect workloads directly from Windows Server and SQL Server in the cloud. Azure Backup Enables Customers to Safely Extend or Replace Local Backups
Cloud storage and archiving solutions – improve efficiency and scalability while reducing costs and complexity.

Scalability and Availability

Azure Backup uses the power and unlimited scale of the Azure cloud to make application data highly available. Few overhead maintenance or monitoring costs are required. Alerts can be configured to provide information about events such as failures and the state of backup, but customers do not have to worry about high data availability in the cloud.

Security and Reliability

Saved data is safe when wired and idle. The backup data is stored in a geographically replicated storage that contains six copies of data between two Azure data centers. Service availability is 99.9%, operational security is enhanced by backup.

Retention and Recovery

Due to business and compliance requirements, many organizations need to protect their data for years, and this data grows exponentially over time. Traditionally, the tape has been used for long-term storage. Backup offers an attractive alternative to tape, offering significant cost savings, faster recovery times, and a retention period of up to 99 years.

Protection of Remote Offices

Move backup storage from clients to the cloud to save investment in remote infrastructure and branch offices. Replace expensive intranets with a low-cost Internet and archive data in the Azure Data Center zones of your choice around the world. As a result, the data is close to the branch and ensures data security in transit and at rest at the enterprise level.