How To Secure Azure Storage Account


Enterprises have been facing several recent important data exposures related issues in cloud services. In many cases leaving customer sensitive data exposed for public or unauthorized users is this case customer business sensitive data will be at highly risk.Let discus some conman reason customer business data at risk.

  • Number of files exposed due to misconfiguration of servers storage and other cloud services.
  • Data stored in a private cloud instance is accidentally exposed to the internet.
  • In many cases, data is stored in cloud services without being encrypted.

Azure Storage Account

Azure storage account is used to store objects. Azure Storage is a multifaceted service which we can connect with most of the Azure Infrastructure. Microsoft Azure storage account is necessary and revolutionary service offered by Microsoft Azure.There are few data storage service provide by Azure Blob Storage,Table storage,Queue Storage,File Storage,Disk storage.

Securing Storage Account By Using Azure Security Recommended Approach

Microsoft azure provide option to restrict your data and only accessible from a specific network, you should restrict the exposure of the storage account. Azure offer Advanced Storage Account Threat Protection by adding a layer of security by alerting you to abnormal or suspicious attempts to access your storage account.There are several features to secure an Azure storage account.

  • Storage account keys.
  • Shared access signatures.
  • Understand transport-level encryption with HTTPS.
  • Advanced threat protection.
  • Control network access.

Storage Account Keys

When you create a storage account, Azure generates two type access keys. You can use these keys to authenticate access to the storage account and data.Storage account access key is similar to the storage account root password. Microsoft recommends at the time of rotating the key to authorized user always make sure to protect the access key, rotate your access keys periodically to help keep your storage account secure.Use Azure Key Vault to securely manage and rotate keys.We can consider alternatives that allow you to create access keys with limited permissions so that applications and users can securely access data. But first, let’s start with Microsoft integrated security services for Azure storage Account.

Shared Access Signatures

Shared Access Signature (SAS) tokens is the best process to define and allow accurate and manageable access to storage accounts.We can say that SAS is a Uniformed Resource Identifier. This is different from storage account keys feature. Don’t need to provide access keys to authorized user or group. Instead give the account key to user for access in storage account, provide uniform resource identifier. Because it’s not recommended to provide access keys, It is much easier to generate a SAS token and integrate it into your application to access storage resources.


Encryption is the necessary requirement for rest and transit storage data, which mean data should encrypted when stored in storage account and encrypted when data is transit means data should be encrypted when data is moving from one storage to another storage. In Azure all data by default encrypted and data will be automatically decrypted at the time of authorized user access.

Advanced Threat Protection

Azure ATP Helps secure On-Premises Infrastructure.If your business run on on-premise Active directory,make sure to secure and protect your data from identity based attacks, nothing is better then Azure ATP services.Azure Advanced Threat Protection is a cloud-based security solution, ATP helps your on-premises Active Directory signals to identify, detect, and investigate threat in advance, Azure Advanced Threat Protection service helps to captures, and analyzes traffic of key unencrypted network protocol traffic. Azure ATP services always monitor and check authentication, authorization, and other activities for signs of any suspicious activity or behavior within the organization from user system.

Control Network Access

Storage accounts are accessible through the public Internet. If you want to store data that is only accessed from specific group or network, you can limit the exposure of the storage account from public internet.

Microsoft Azure provide option to configure access to the storage account from the virtual network.Apply inbound and bound network traffic rules and accept or deny traffic on the basis of subset.


Microsoft Azure by default provides encrypted data either in rest or transit data. Roles can be assigned to specific user accounts, user groups for specific storage account access. Azure Storage is a service managed by Microsoft that provides highly available, secure, durable, scalable and redundant cloud storage. Azure Storage is very important and key service for Microsoft Azure infrastructure. Cloud services widely growing day by day, so it’s very important for any enterprise to select the right tool and services to protect the data from unauthorized access and set Microsoft Azure recommended policy that can monitor and identify irregular behavior. Using these recommendations and features will make sure your sensitive data remains secure.This not the end ,this article give the idea to secure you storage account from unwanted access. You should manage data access making use of RBAC and Shared Access Tokens and it’s all depend what type of data stored and what level of security you need.