How To Secure Azure VM

Virtual Machine

Virtual machine  is a software program or operating system .Virtual machine gives wide range of computing solution ,it’s allow you to run operating system like windows ,linux ,SQL,IBM more or less all.The concept of virtual machine is create  virtual environment that’s function system run virtually with it’s own hard drive,RAM ,network card and all other related parts .

Cloud Security 

The concept of cloud security to secure infrastructure  ,application ,network and data .Cloud security is  security environment which  protect from external and internal security threats.

Challenges to Secure Azure Virtual Machines

Azure give the complete  security solution for all virtual machine or  infrastructure .Some time organizations face problem due to  not following the azure recommended  security practices.

Azure VM Security Best Practices

By using Azure recommended  Microsoft Azure policy organizations can protect and secure virtual machines .

Create A Policy

Create customized policies to protect virtual machine.Using  Azure recommended  policies to create security layer between Your virtual machine and attacks.

Secure  Against Malware and Attacks

This is very important to secure VM against malware and attacks.You should install anti malware  include features like real -time protection,schdule scanning ,malware remediation ,signature updates,engine updates, samples reporting, and exclusion event collection.

Manage Your Virtual Machine Updates

Azure update management solutions to manage operating system updates for Windows and Linux virtual machines .Azure provide automation service for update virtual machines  . You can quickly assess the status of updates available on all agent computers and manage the process of installing required updates on the server.

Identity Authentication & Authorization

There are few basic services  authentication and authorization.

  • Minimum access using Azure role-based access control
    • It’s allow and  grant specific roles to users in a subscription ,resource group and individual resources.With help  of RBAC, you can apply limitation on the user ,who can access and who not for certain services.
  • Multi factor authentication
    • MFA is securitysystem which provide multiple authentication process when user log in .


Monitor and restricted external user from internet.An attacker always attacks the public cloud IP address range and constantly scans the management port to attempt “simple” attacks such as common passwords and known, unpatched vulnerabilities.

Control the Azure Virtual Machine security network so that you can limit who can access the Azure IaaS environment on the network.There few service you need to focus and consider.

  • Monitor Virtual Machine traffic patterns.
    • Always monitor Virtaul Machine traffic any unauthorized user tried to access
  • Restrict access to the management port.
    • Always allow ports where it’s necessary  .
  • Network Security Groups (NSG)
    • Apply network security Group to filters the traffic from network and control unwanted access to improve network security .


Microsoft has announced  great tools to ensure  security of Azure virtual machines. Azure Security Center service provide  you great tools to automatically monitor your environment and alert potential security issues that need to be resolved.

Microsoft Azure security offer exceptional foundation for effective security policies. As we have seen so far, there are many way to secure Virtual Machine from external and internal threat or attacks. To meet the security needs of a constantly changing environment, a continuous monitoring solution is required.