Voice Enablement

Voice Enablement

Integrate and extend voice-based platforms that are embedded in devices (eg: home control), or enabled through APIs and SDKs embedded in custom applications and products

  • Skills development
  • Hardware integrations
  • Platforms: Alexa, Google Home

Build, integrate and deploy application specific functionality for controlling and monitoring products, via mobile apps or web-based applications:

  • Native App Development on iOS & Android
  • App development platforms: C, Python, .NET etc
  • Cloud hosting & deployment

Implement Azure IoT edge with machine learning to create connected products that can operate autonomously and improve through self-learning.

  • IoT Edge Implementation
  • AI & Machine learning

Program, update, and integrate embedded firmware in microcontrollers and processors for IoT devices, wearables, consumer devices etc. Leverage our technology partners for:

  • Device driver development
  • BSP development
  • Protocol stack development