We provide end to end services in developing an IoT intelligent cloud platform, with the Azure IoT solution accelerators as the core building block.

 Configure Core IoT Platform

Configure Core IoT Platform

Leverage core IoT service capabilities offered by the IoT platform to drive the stability, performance and reliability of the solution, including:

  • Device management
  • Device gateways
  • Rules engine
  • IoT Hub Configuration
  • Administrative controls

Build, integrate and deploy application specific functionality on top of the core IoT platform as per business needs, leveraging:

  • Application libraries
  • 4GL platforms C, Python, .NET etc
  • Business software integration
  • Cloud hosting & deployment
  • Web and Mobile App Development

Connect devices – including non-internet enabled devices via gateways, exchange data and actions over encrypted communications using industry standard protocols, with considerations for:

  • Low / No computing resource devices
  • Secure remote management
  • Authenticated encryption
  • Identity & privacy management

Implement device management, security and provisioning from a single scalable platform to:

  • Manage device status
  • Deploy firmware updates
  • Version control
  • Encrypted device communications
  • Manufacturing & in-field provisioning

Leverage Azure IoT hub, stream analytics and related technology components to process, store and act on telemetry data.

  • Telemetry Ingestion
  • Data Storage
  • Stream Processing
  • Analytics
  • Alerts & Reports

Define access control rules for account level information, including roles and permissions management, including:

  • Role definitions
  • Authentications
  • Identity management