Connected Health (Digital Health / Telehealth / Telemedicine)

Connected Health (Digital Health / Telehealth / Telemedicine)
Connected health remains the sleeping giant of the Internet of Things applications. The concept of connected health systems and smart medical devices offers great potential not only for the well-being of the general public, but also for the company (see Market Segment Analysis). But connected health has not yet reached the masses. Notable use cases and a large scale start-up success remain to be determined.
Smart Detail
Proximity advertising as a subset of the smart retail is becoming popular. However, the popularity ranking shows that it is still a niche segment.
Smart supply chain
The supply chain is already smarter for several years. Solutions for tracking moving goods and exchanging inventory information with suppliers have been available on the market for many years. It is therefore perfectly logical for this topic to take a new impetus on the Internet of Things, but its popularity seems so far limited.
Smart Agriculture
Smart farming is often overlooked in the business case for the Internet of Things, as it does not fall into well-known categories such as health, mobility and industry. But with the remoteness of agriculture and the large number of animals that can be monitored, the Internet of Things can revolutionize the way farmers work. However, this idea has not received much attention yet. Nevertheless, one of the Internet applications not to be underestimated. Smart agriculture is an important area of ​​application, mainly in agricultural exporting countries.

Some Applications of IoT

Smart home
Smart Home stands out clearly and ranks as the best Internet of Things application on all measured channels. Currently, more than 60,000 people search for the term “smart home” every month. It is not a surprise. The Smart Home IoT Analytics database includes 256 companies and startups. More companies are active in smart homes than any other application in the IoT space.
Wearable remain a hot topic. There are many other portable innovations to watch for. SonySmart B Trainer, Myo gesture control, LookSee bracelet, etc. The portable clothing manufacturer Jawbone is probably the largest finance company of all IoT startups. It’s more than 500 million dollars!
Smart City
Smart cities cover a variety of use cases, from traffic management to water distribution, waste management, urban safety and environmental monitoring. Its popularity is due to the fact that many solutions of smart cities promise to relieve the suffering of the inhabitants of modern cities. IoT solutions in smart urban areas help solve congestion problems, reduce noise and pollution, and make cities safer.
Smart grid
The smart grid is special. Future smart grids promise to automate and use information about the behavior of electricity providers and consumers to improve energy efficiency, reliability and economy.
Industrial Internet
The industrial Internet is also one of the most particular Internet applications.
Connected car
Connected cars start slowly The development cycle of the automotive industry generally takes 2 to 4 years. There is little talk about connected cars. However, he seems to have reached there.

What Are IoT Applications?

The Internet of Things can be used in many aspects of life in the private and public sectors. IoT allows users to track lost pets, home security systems, device maintenance schedules, and more.

Consumers can use the IoT to receive restaurant coupons, monitor exercise progress and general health, and receive store coupons only by walking through the company.

Businesses can use IoT to monitor supply chains, track customer consumption patterns, collect feedback, monitor and maintain inventory levels, and plan for machine and device maintenance.