Uilities IOT

IoT solutions help optimize energy operations and utilities through asset tracking and monitoring, energy-efficient installations, predictive maintenance, evacuation systems and emergency alerts. It provides these end-to-end IoT solutions to large energy and utility companies, enabling:



benefits of IoT for utilities

  • Increase visibility and resiliency for efficient operations
  • Prevent asset downtime & failures and extend life of assets
  • Predict outcomes and reduce Energy loss with asset data management
  • Avoid leakages and minimize over consumption of Utility
  • Minimize power outages with improved response time


Utilities and the Internet of Things:

The utility industry is experiencing the Internet of Things. After all, smart grids are essentially applying IoT technology (smart sensors, two-way communication and analysis) to the power grid infrastructure to improve efficiency, improve reliability, renewable and distributed energy resources. Integration, reduction of emissions, more aggressive and more authoritarian customers.

Over the next few years, the industry is expected to generate dramatic growth in new IoT applications and communicate machine-to-machine with new field devices and consumer-based energy technology devices at the edge of the network. But more importantly than this ubiquitous communication, it is the sensor data collected by these machines and how to use them to make the public service more efficient and proactive.