KPMG and Microsoft Corporation partner to transition professional services to digital

(MENAFN – Comserve), , , 06 January 2020, 14:15 /Comerve / — Mycroft’s advanced technology helps KPMG through Transfils Cloud-Baed Audit capability, Rick management, tax omissions through innovative solos

KPMG I expect to acquire USD 5 billion worldwide to spread our relationship with Microift Corporation. Microoft’s AI and cloud technology enables KPMG to increase productivity, increase nativity efficiency, and improve desion capabilities. Microoft Azure is adopted by Microoft Azure for a new cloud-baed platform that uses artificial intelligence.

In addition, Microoft Azure will work to improve and improve KPMG’s uncanny digital contributions by benefiting both businesses and IT customers. The highly provisioned page provided to clients corresponds to the ongoing Emental TanGuard and Compliance. In addition, we plan to modernize our workplace by integrating cloud-baed collaboration and Variou productivity tools into our Microoft team.

KPMG and Microsoft Corporation partner to transition professional services to digital
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KPMG’s important openness to developing and expanding innovative products while hiring new employees can be made with the help of ytem and tools developed by Microoft. The partnership between the two companies will build a portfolio that brings continuous analytical information to automate manual processes, create cutomed applications, minimize error simm and make i mart deciion.

The combination of Indorder experts from both companies for the development of Robut portfolios, including Ervice and Olution, which are managed by Bareubuine-related applications It helps to induce the return of Pee and Inbet in deployment. In 2017, KPMG became a Fart company of Big Four, launched its own Mart auditing platform called KPMG Clara and named it on Microhoft Azure. This enables employees to bring analytics capabilities and powerful data across intelligent, automated platforms while communicating with customers in real time during the audit process. In a wider kale, the company’s investment, which combines innovation, human resources and technology, is a boon for an agile Buin environment.