Microsoft Profit Preview: Cloud business is just Blue Sky

In fact, Evercore ISI analyst Kirk Matteln expects more from Microsoft after 2019, when the market valuation is strong, after 2020. The title of his report? MSFT – Is more popular than Baby Yoda.

Materne’s Microsoft cloud portfolio, the expansion of the anthressie sales base and strong balance sheets are forecasting good results in the second quarter. Microsoft Azure is expected to grow by 53 percent in the year by 2020, he said. “Office 365 is still a long way from customers to higher SKUs,” he added.

Microsoft’s hybrid cloud is well positioned against market leader Inc.

AMZN, -0.82%

3rd place of Alphabet Co., Ltd.

Togetl, -0.76%

Aco, -0.78%

According to two recent surveys by Wall Street companies, Google.

In a cio-to-CIO survey, Morgan Stanley concluded that Microsoft would expand its lead as a preferred hybrid cloud provider: 42 percent used Microsoft, or 21 percent against AWS. It has been concluded that it is likely to be used.

According to the Credit Suisse survey of 80 CIOs, 76% of Azure respondents see Azure as the preferred option for cloud companies.

Microsoft is confident about the long-term opportunities for Microsoft. That’s according to a CIO study that shows that cloud stock prices and trading cloud sales could exceed 100 billion dollars five years later, Credit Suisse analyst Brad Zelnick said in a January 13 statement. He raised his price target from .155 to .180 with a blue sky rating of .200.

Microsoft Profit Preview: Cloud business is just Blue Sky

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What to expect:

Earnings: Of the 15 analysts surveyed by FactSet, Microsoft is expected to report average earnings per share at the start of the quarter, compared with an average quarterly profit of 0.1.26 per share.

The crowdsource estimates, which come from analysts, fund managers, and scientists, put earnings per share at 1.32 dollars, based on 154 estimates.

Turnover: According to FactSet analysts, Wall Street expects Microsoft to generate revenue of 0.35.7 billion. Microsoft’s revenue was €0.32.5 billion, with net profit of USD 0.84 billion in the second quarter of last year, or USD 0.08 per share.

The estimated 152 are expected to generate sales of USD 35.7 billion.

According to FactSet data, of the 35 analysts who work with Microsoft, 32 buy or overweight, three have a hold rating, and no analyst has an average price target of .175.74.

Stocks move: Microsoft shares have risen 55 percent in the past 12 months, while the broader S&P 500 index has risen about 24 percent

SPX, -0.65%