Microsoft promises to invest $ 1.1 billion in Mexico, including the new Azure region

Microsoft this week made a big commitment to expand in Mexico. The company announced that it would invest USD 1.1 billion in the country over the next six months. Over the past five years, Microsoft Mexico has reportedly announced that it will build a new cloud data center in Mexico.

With the new on-premises data center, Mexican customers receive cloud services from their on-premises locations, such as Office 365, Azure, and Dynamics 365.

Microsoft said it also plans to bring education and qualification programs to Mexico. Redmond is working with the university to develop a program in which people learn digital skills. According to Microsoft Mexico General Manager Enrique Perezjeera, investments creates an expansion of the country.

“During the decade when the digital transformation will definitely open up new opportunities and horizons, we are confident that the announcement of this 1.1 billion dollar investment plan will represent how we will support Mexico’s commitment to society and remain true to the economy.

“Our new data center region provides intelligent services to help businesses innovate their industries. This skills program not only brings significant benefits to government agencies, businesses, and society, but also demonstrates The importance of Mexico as a leader in the introduction of artificial intelligence, the cloud, and other technologies in Latin America.

Microsoft promises to invest $ 1.1 billion in Mexico including the new Azure region
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Digital future

Perezyera says Microsoft is moving toward the digital future and wants to help Mexico continue to leverage innovative technologies. He says the country is well positioned to use these technologies.

It is important to note that in the new data center region, Mexican organizations will meet the data residency structure.