At Dalwax, we’ve tackled several challenging Azure transformation journeys for our customers, by re-architecting and rewriting their applications from the ground up to be Azure-native. Along the way, we learned some key lessons on how to re-architect applications to be modular, scalable, fault tolerant and ultra-responsive.

PaaS & Container Architectures

PaaS & Container Architectures

We are experts at converting traditional stateful applications into modern applications leveraging Azure PaaS services and container architectures for total control over scalability and resilience.

While modernizing applications we leverage an Agile DevOps driven approach that enables application delivery transformation by enabling toolchains and processes that support continuous integration and continuous delivery.

We can help develop and implement best-fit architectures and components depending on whether your application is heavy on end-user interactions (predominantly user driven and UI / UX is important) vs Event driven (IoT and business process automation Intelligent apps).

Corporate compliance, governance and performance considerations can mandate application components to remain within Private cloud or existing on-premise environments, and still talk to the Public cloud components. Our experts can help design solutions for optimal performance and scale.

While monolithic, on-premise applications are perceived to be secure due to the ability to implement centralized security policies while behind corporate firewalls, with our knowledge and expertise we can help deploy enhanced security postures within your Azure cloud environments.

We can help businesses efficiently leverage ready-to-use Azure cloud services and solution components to reduce development time while benefitting from the inherent cloud native features of the services. Our experts strike the right balance between upfront vs ongoing benefits of using these services.