Start boost! Microsoft helps startups globalize in Tier 2 cities

Microsoft for Startups, a comprehensive global program that supports the development and scaling of startups, is committed to empowering innovative entrepreneurs in the country. From technology resources and free cloud to sales with Microsoft sales reps and partner channels, Microsoft offers a global, tiered startup ecosystem in second-tier cities. The Highway to Hundred Unicorns initiative selected 54 startups from Gujarat, Maharashtra, Rajasthan, Kerala and Telangana.

Start boost! Microsoft helps startups globalize in Tier 2 cities
Alex Antropov 86 / Pixabay

The Highway to Hundred Unicorns, the Microsoft for Startup Initiative, works closely with local governments to strengthen the startup ecosystem in each state. The fifth edition of the Outreach programme was recently held in Hyderabad in connection with the Telangana government. By the way, the province of Telangana, which competes with Bengaluru, Pune, Chennai, etc., is modeled as a “startup state” and is a proponent of the startup ecosystem, incentives.

More than 650 startups have benefited from guidance and guidance in technology workshops on Azure, artificial intelligence, and machine learning. Including the Global Entrepreneurship Network, TiE, Headstart, NASSCOM, Startup Grind and other prominent investors, entrepreneurs and executives from the national startup ecosystem, more than 75 ecosystem actors have been active in each company with innovators. of the place.

“The entrepreneurship of start-ups goes far beyond the hubs of well-known cities and is significantly higher despite the obvious challenges in Tier 2 cities.

We’ve been able to reach promising innovators from each of the five states, from highways to 100 unicorns,” says Microsoft’s Lachika Pai for Startups. “In the next phase, we look forward to working with more startups and deploying the Microsoft platform to expand globally,” Pai added.

Microsoft for Startups leverages cloud platforms, enterprise sales teams, and partner ecosystems to help entrepreneurs build and scale their businesses. With a focus on cutting-edge technology expertise, a growing partner ecosystem, Microsoft for startups, and the venture fund M12, companies are ready to bring startups to market. It is ready for the company and is in a unique position to help it develop. “In India, the startup ecosystem focuses primarily on the metro hub. But other states are also investing in startup networks. India’s goal is to have 100 unicorns by 2025, and the goal of the “100 Unicorn Highway” is to go deeper and empower state governments and start-ups in Tier 2 cities,” Says Pai.

The Emerge X competition offers an in-depth collaboration with the top 10-12 startups. This includes national and global visibility, as well as creating opportunities for startups to move out of the city to explore funding opportunities.

“The good news is that 54 startups have already been selected from the five countries we have visited so far, and two “Emerge X” winners have already received funding. Microsoft will use Microsoft’s cloud platform to turn to more Tier 2 ecosystems and accelerate global growth,” Pai said.

In addition, Microsoft ScaleUp, part of the Microsoft initiative for startups, gives startups access to technology, mentoring, and other community benefits. Over the past 12 months, we’ve expanded support to 18 startups focused on fintech, blockchain, health tech, IoT and more. The program leverages Microsoft’s technical expertise and global corporate customers to help start-ups explore new technologies and open up new markets.