Why Choose Azure Devops

Azure DevOps provide end-to-end solutions. Microsoft renamed Microsoft’s Visual Studio Team Services to Azure DevOps, which is the online version of Team Foundation Server. Azure DevOps is a fully integrated set of services that together provide you all the tools necessary for building and maintaining a backlog, hosting your source code repositories, implementing continuous integration, along with delivery and testing workflows for your products before releasing them. Azure DevOps provides unlimited private Git hosting, cloud builds for continuous integration, agile planning and version management for continuous cloud and on-premises delivery. It covers the full application lifecycle and empowers the DevOps best practices.

Why Customer Choose Azure DevOps

Microsoft Azure DevOps is a great tool with a wide range of features, that’s provides developers with services that allow teams to plan work, collaborate on code development, and build and deploy applications. Azure DevOps provides a simple way to configure continuous integration and delivery. You can quickly deploy applications in various environments.

On-Premise Solution

With Azure DevOps Server, users can integrate hardware, users, and processes. As an on-premises solution, security, control, and scalability of the implementation is limited only by enterprise resources and can easily comply with any enterprise security standard.

Customizable dashboard

What makes Microsoft Azure DevOps so attractive to customers is the ability to create dashboards without associating them with a team. With Azure Boards, you can plan, track work with Kanban boards and discuss work between teams in your organization.The dashboard is visible to everyone in the project and can decide who can modify / manage it.The Azure DevOps provides a customizable dashboard that allows teams to view and monitor progress. Customizable team dashboard with configurable widgets to share information, progress and trends.


Azure DevOps pipeline services help organizations plan and create software using the latest processes and insights. Azure Pipelines is probably one of the most important additions to Azure DevOps. With this tool, users can get cloud host pipelines for Linux, Windows and macOS. Create, test and deploy any language or platform in the cloud.Explore and implement a wide range of community-designed build, test, and deployment tasks,Containers and Kubernetes Easily create and transfer images to container registers such as Docker Hub and Azure Container Registry. Deploy containers to individual hosts or Kubernetes. in addition to hundreds of extensions from Slack to SonarCloud. Support for YAML, reports, etc.


Self-Service Dev/Test Environments

Simplify cloud environment management for developers and testers. Apply policies and control costs in full visibility. Recreate the environment using models, custom images, and formulas. Coordination with Azure Pipelines or integration using the REST API.


The best benefit of using Azure DevOps is sharing ,you can say it is the heart of Azure DevOps. Create intuitive workflows and collaborate in large teams without worrying about data security or confidentiality.The ability to host and manage code centrally is the key to optimizing organizational goals.Azure DevOps will provide a central location from which to manage code.

With Hosted Agents

Microsoft provides a set of hosted agents for most versions of commands. This includes X code for Ubuntu, two versions of Visual Studio, Mac OS and IOS. In addition, with a recent version of a Windows server for containers. You can also add agents to specific target environments. Can run on Cloud VMS (or) local infrastructure via self-hosting, via self-hosting.

One of the downside of cloud-hosted services is their temporary nature. Microsoft can destroy and reset the virtual machine between generations and obtain a new virtual machine for each generation run. Use the Azure pipeline for Devops. Over time, all the necessary dependencies are loaded. Plus, these are options like a self-hosted construction agent. In practice, you only need to add a task to the generation and load the file from the Azure Color (or) external storage.

Open Platform

Azure Devops provides extensive integration with industry and community tools. There are hundreds of extensions available in the marketplace, so there is nothing can stop Azure Developers to use any suitable tools, chances are there are tools available in the marketplace.In this open territory, Microsoft is an undisputed leader in facilitating collaboration with competitors, and is evident in the marketplace where you can find integrated extensions from AWS to Slack to ServiceNow.

Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery

Now you no longer have to worry about security and infrastructure management, you can focus on developing innovative solutions. Azure DevOps is a robust platform, which allows software-driven organizations to deploy solutions in a pipeline for continuous integration and deployment. Whether you deploy an Azure hosted solution, an AWS hosted solution or any other cloud hosted solution, the Azure DevOps CICD pipeline can take the solution from development to delivery.

In marketplace of plug-ins and integrations, infrastructure as code can also be integrated into the pipeline, allowing ambitious system administrators to automate significant changes from one place to the environment.With support for Azure and CI / CD, you can leverage and use the infrastructure as code recovery tools such as Azure Resource Manager and Terraform, and create repeatable deployments that meet industry standards.


Authentication verifies the identity of a user based on the credentials provided when logging into Azure DevOps. These systems integrate and depend up on security features provided by these additional systems.Azure DevOps facilitate for authentication via the customer Active Directory. This allows administrators to update permissions on the Azure DevOps server implementation using user groups and access the Azure DevOps server , when a user logs on to a workstation can skip the login process.

Chance to Become a Software Company

You don’t have to worry about creating a pipeline, so you can focus on software development. Whether processing pipelines, creating new pipelines, or managing existing pipelines, Azure provides an end-to-end solution that speeds up the software development process. Azure cloud operating model aims to connect business leaders and masters of technology to teams and to specify how the technology is implemented in the enterprise. Building a cloud operating model and making it the backbone of an organization’s IT infrastructure clearly puts all businesses on the right track. Achieving this goal requires more communication and collaboration. When engineers and non-technologists come together, they can understand what’s going on in everyone’s mind,they will very much clear what’s goal of the organization. So if organization follow Azure Devops recommended practice can create right and best culture or environment, which helps to achieve a worthy end result.


Azure DevOps is designed to a complete holistic team development solution. It is available today as a single service, services can be used as you see fit with your existing tools. Azure DevOps helps you build any app, for any platform, with any code.