Dalwax  can develop, implement and deploy software solutions and enrich them with intelligent apps and bots using artificial intelligence, machine learning and real time analytics, to intelligently automate processes & workflows and augment decisions.

 End to End Processes

End to End Processes

Leverage Dynamics 365 to create seamlessly connected processes and workflows across sales, finance, operations, marketing, customer services and project service automation, from CRM to ERP, and customer servicing portals, all in one application. Leverage Office 365 to create documents and files, store them securely, and share & collaborate on these documents with team members.

Use Microsoft Flow and Power Apps to create connectors between disconnected applications for seamless information flow and workflow completions. Your workforce can also self-create apps using Power Apps, and embed them with the business logic to automate and complete tasks and transactions that previously required manual involvement.

Integrate company and prospect related data from internal and external sources, and apply machine learning on this to drive automated actions in response to triggers. Receive auto alerts on status of customer relationships, when prospects search for a service or when they have visited any of your digital assets. Automatically capture the data from customer emails to populate CRM records, removing the need for manual updating by sales staff.

Develop better customer understanding for marketing personalization in messaging and offers by leveraging AI and machine learning to search through millions of customer records and interactions to create a segment with similar target messaging. Create bots that search through social media to understand customer sentiments that can lead to specific action plans for boosting brand loyalty and better customer engagement.

Deploy AI-powered chatbots leveraging natural language processing to interact with customers for standard service requests and initial interactions. Maintain high customer satisfactions and save service staff time through low latency initial responses followed by case handovers to manual staff. Respond quicker to customer tweets, emails and posts related to service requests for greater savings and customer delight.

Leverage machine learning algorithms to create a security and compliance framework that can protect, detect, respond and predict possible areas of concern within day to day operations. Look for patterns in data, correlated with compliance regulations for conducting operations that are risk mitigated and in compliance with regulations.