Dalwax can develop, implement and deploy a gamut of workplace productivity tools, packages, and applications to deliver new ways of working, scheduling resources, communicating & sharing information and collaborating.



Enable employee collaboration with a persistent, shared conversational workspace that helps groups initiate, organize and complete work. Create context aware intranets and portals that integrate direct and group messages, alerts, notifications, activity streams, files, tasks, and bots, delivering relevant content, services and experiences over optimal channels and devices.

Allow team members to efficiently store and access content with a robust and flexible platform for managing content across web, files and documents with strong data governance, including file access control, retention, centralized oversight and data residency. Augment content management with mobile access to content repositories; file synchronization across devices and cloud repositories; and powerful content search and discovery functionality.

Foster an inspired and more engaged workforce with secure collaboration and productivity across remote offices and in the field with a mobile-first digital workplace. Support BYOD with a seamless way to use enterprise assets and applications, with options to provision or revoke access to employees — from their desktops to their smartphones.

Deploy popular workplace tools in a SaaS-based consumption model for email, document creation and sharing. Create self-service business applications and rule based workflows for process automation with actions on files, task notifications, metadata and users, and file handling triggered by specific events.

Create and deploy powerful virtual agents that are versatile and consistent, helping your workforce accomplish a wide spectrum of tasks. Embed AI & machine learning to drive intelligent actions, such as providing recommendations, delivering information and acting on behalf of users using text, verbal commands or predictive analytics.

From instant messaging and telepresence to conferencing, voice and video collaboration, implement and deploy solutions that allow employees to stay in touch irrespective of location or device. Create an enterprise social network that brings the workforce closer together by providing them with a sense of online community.